Reflection on “The Notebook”

(spoiler alert, if you haven’t watch the movie, you should not read my review. Because I am going to share what I think the hero and heroine should do in the real life.)

That was my second times watching “the notebook”. It made me confuse about what love is. I’m no longer sure what love is anymore. However, I have a different feeling from the first time. Perhaps, different understanding about this movie after breaking up with my first love. After the break up, I’ve stopped watching romantic movie like this in order to avoid nostalgia. This time I told my second love that I would watch it on the Valentine’s day.

I am amazed at all those beautiful scenes that the director choose to show and I did not remember any of those.For instance, they both went out to a lake with a boat among swans or geese flock. Indeed, I was about 20 years old when I watched it for the first time.  All I could remember is the main actress has forgotten her past and the protagonist read the story to make her remember. And, it is a good movie for a couples.

As I have experienced some realities in my life, I don’t think the heroine decision to go back to her first love happen very often. Furthermore, it would not be a wise choice to go back to her fiancé after letting him know what she did with her first love before their wedding. If I were to use the words from a widow, who has been sleeping with the protagonist, the heroine is sensational. Indeed, I must admit that she follows her heart. Perhaps, she had a carefree life. Perhaps, I am skeptical of such decision because of my experience. The worst of all, no one can guarantee that their life will be pleasant by marrying the one they love or the one they don’t love.

The story is simple and cliche. The princess meeting the poor man. Strange thing is they end up getting married and live happily ever after except for the part that the princess starting to lose her memory. Perhaps, it is not a cliche at all. In this make believe world, what is the reality?  Of course, there were some efforts by the poor man, who have rebuilt the house, that he promised to rebuild and by some chances, they both meet each other again. The movie is just too good to be true.

Do I want to be that man? nah, I am not sure. Do that kind of princess exist? I am not sure about that either. What I am sure is that kind of story is not possible. The protagonist should have married the widow. And the heroine never should have came back to Seabrook. That should be the end. Anyway, if the director going to do what I say here, I am going to be the director. Of course, there would not be a such a beautiful movie like this. so, enjoy, relax and have fun.


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