Reflection on Salman Rushdie’s talk

I thought Salman Rushdie, the author of “the Satanic Verses”, would be someone who would speak in energetic tone. But he spoke in soft voice.He mainly talked about how the writer would convey information in his writings, how a private life may be affected by a public event and how a life would be uncontrollable.

Also, I thought that he would dislike Islam and Muslims because his book has caused so many troubles around the world and himself. In his talk, he joked that there is similarity between politician and writer. He said that they both tend to make things up and lie. Actually, he is a supporter of freedom of speech and press even if it means allowing the hate speech. His reason is those kind of hatreds would not go away even if is unlawful and illegal. Therefore, those hate speeches must come out to the public and be admonished and judged by the public opinion. Moreover, he did not intend to cause any trouble for his book. He writes to express what he has to say but not for someone or anyone. He answered that people happened to like his writings. He just happened to be a lucky guy. He wrote mostly about issues in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. He has never thought about who his audience might be when asked about whether he would consider cultural background in his writings. As I have never read any of his books before, I could neither tell how good is his writing nor at telling the story.

All in all, if he could speak up a little bit louder and if I had read any of his books before I listen to him, his talks would make more sense to me. Sometimes, I don’t really understand why he is talking about this issue or that issue. In my opinion, as he admitted in the beginning of his talk, he is more of a writer than a speaker.

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